Cleveland Browns Jersey

Cleveland Browns Jersey

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Brown coach: never as a start qualification withdrawal Hoyer

In the twelfth week of the game, although the Cleveland Browns finally lore Atlanta Falcons, but poor play in the game steals the ball Brown Quart er Back Brian Hoyer three times, there are a lot of people think that as should make of this year's rookie quarterback to serve Johnny Manziel. But Brown coach Mike Pettine as always its support for Heuer.
Smooch said in an interview this week that he never considered pulled let Heuer was the Bank, Heuer also played very well in the last week of the game. He said: "Although the front Heuer game is not good, but he managed the team to lead the comeback to the last moment he was very good at setting..." Until the end of the game, also a wave can also be seen attacks his teammates Heuer entrusting the heads were combined as they Heuer deployment listened attentively.
However, the recent slump Heuer is also an undeniable fact that in the last four games he's only 53% success rate over past touchdowns ratio of 3: 6, this performance is not, to Browns playoffs help. The wide receiver Andrew Hawkins Brown said: "We believe that we most definitely a team playoff-Heuer is to fight, not just a person, our team is hard and there is no doubt Heuer our leader is he, while providing him with full confidence in that was also too confident in the leadership can we fight, I think all teams fear us."

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